Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Fashion Defo Rocks

Rihanna 09.08
In keeping with the swanky fashionista theme of the bash,
Rihanna ditches her trademark hot-totty togs for a more dramatic choice of gown. Ooooh... get her.

Leona Lewis 09.08
Our very own
Leona Lewis gives it her all on the hot-o-meter front.

Beyonce 09.08
Beyoncé Knowles is head and shoulders above the posing comp.

Charlize Theron 09.08
Charlize Theron is sizzlin' the temperature up with a healthy dose of silver.

Miley Cyrus 09.08
Miley Cyrus definitely looks like a star in this number... as much as I despise the girl!

Hayden Panettiere 09.08
Damn! I just wanna unwrap
Hayden Panettiere from the confines of this gleamy number - it looks very claustrophobic.

Pussycat Dolls 09.08
Did you catch a kiss from the
Pussycat Dolls? Looking gorgeous in Indian-inspired saris.

Natasha Bedingfield 09.08
When it comes to cleavage and legs,
Natasha Bedingfield sure can hold her own.

Ashanti 09.08
Ashanti shows off her bootylicious bod - but what is with those shoes? Yuck!

Keyshia Cole 09.08
Keyshia Cole is showing off her flesh to the upmost - weird pose or what?

One Republic 09.08
American rock band
One Republic are looking pretty buff, all things considered.

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