Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Chris Brown's New Cap Designs

As if his music and movie careers (and hanging out with girlfriend Rihanna) weren’t keeping Chris Brown busy enough, the star has now added designing to his resume.

The singer stopped into the LA Lids store at the Beverly Center on Saturday to unveil his new line of six exclusively designed New Era caps, which feature cartoon-like characters and lettering aimed for the young and stylin'. “Hats have been my trademark since I started in the business about four years ago,” he says. “Young kids love hats, I love them. Everyone does. So that’s what attracted me to designing them.”

Says Brown of the hat’s stylings, “One is of a foot smashing a radio. Its like saying undeniable music — like when you have smashes. At the same time it represents the rebel in you — not doing the conventional.” And for the true Brown fan, try the one that Chris calls his “alter-ego.” He said, “Another design is the nerd. It’s like my alter-ego. The goofy side. The character that you don’t really see. It’s like having a logo for my character.”

He praises New Era for being “one of the best” and says he plans to branch off into shoes and watches next. Buy one of Chris’ caps for yourself at! :)

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