Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Working It!

In the video for her new single “Official Girl,” Cassie revs up the fashion glam and tells her dude to kiss off! Shot in Los Angeles, Cassie says the video concept revolves around being totally fed up with a game-playing guy. "I’m finally tired and over it," she explains. "I take some crazy pictures and make sure he knows what he’s missing!" What guy wouldn’t think twice after getting a glimpse of the looks Cassie rocks in the video? Says Cassie, "I wanted this to be a very stylish video. I wanted for a guy to see it and say 'Oh, I want to be with her,' and for the girls to say 'Oh, I would definitely wear what she wore."' And, of course, the best element - lots of skin. "My greatest asset is my legs,” says the songstress, who sports mostly super-short outfits in the video. "I don’t have cleavage so I’m going to work with what I got!" Do what you can, innit? Lol! :D

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