Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Romantic Boyfriend


Zac Efron always showers girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens with presents, she has revealed. The High School Musical heartthrob - who has been dating Vanessa since 2006 - can't resist purchasing romantic gifts for his lover. Vanessa said: "Zac is amazing. Everybody else always thinks I like pink flowers - pink roses. I'm like, 'Red is better.' I guess I'm a girly girl, so they think that I automatically like pink. But my favourite colour is red. I have it all over my room. Zac always buys me red roses. He knows they are my favourite." No wonder she was wearing that tacky-ass red bra when she took those saucy pics. Lol! Zac recently revealed he hates filming love scenes with Vanessa in the High School Musical movie franchise because they aren't "romantic". He said: "Screen kisses are definitely not as romantic as they look. It looks like a perfect situation but what the audience don't realise is that just off camera is a bunch of stinky, smelly, crew guys holding up lights and yelling, 'Action!' " Hahaha! :D

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