Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Exclusive Interview: Rihanna

Jennifer Aniston and Meg Ryan and Rihanna
We've had the Jennifer and now people ask for the Rihanna. Will you be switching it up again?
"The first time I heard people were asking for the Rihanna, it was really flattering and maybe a little strange. It caught me by surprise, but now I feel it's a very cool thing. I don’t feel the pressure to change it up again at all. I like it, as they like it."

What are some fashion rules you’d like to crush?
"The idea of not wearing brown and black together seems so dated. The other day I wore a black T-shirt, black Nobody jeans, a brown leopard-print belt by Dolce & Gabbana, and brown Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and it looked awesome. Also the rule about not matching your makeup to your outfit. I do that onstage, matching red lipstick to a bright red jacket or neon-pink eye shadow to a pink jumpsuit. And I also love to mix prints."

How has your look evolved over the years? What're your style obsessions?

"It has evolved without my even noticing it. Lately I’m obsessed with Thierry MuglerGrace Jones inspires me… she has extraordinary style and she’s fearless. I love designer Martin Margiela: Kanye West told me about him. I also like Dsquared, ChloĆ©, Zac Posen—he makes flattering lines."

Your mum owns a boutique and your dad works at a garment factory—is a Rihanna fashion line in the cards?

"I am working on that right now. It takes a lot of effort, and I want to be involved with every step of the process."

What do you look for in a man?
"I look for personality, I like humble men, I like guys who make me laugh, someone who makes me happy and genuinely cares for me as a person."

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