Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Happy Family

THE HAPPY FAMILY photo | Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz
Mum-to-be Ashlee Simpson and fiancé Pete Wentz are aglow in New York City as Ashlee shows off her new engagement ring, while her Fall Out Boy beau rests his hand near her tummy. A source close to the Simpson family told PEOPLE this weekend that the pair are planning to marry in La Jolla, California in May.


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

they are adorable together.

falloutboy#1fan said...

they look great 2gether and they need 2 stay 2gether 4-eva!!!
I hope that they have a baby gurl. they r the cutest most rockingest couple ever!?!and the best part a/b it is that they both have a lot in common and they r also the best most beautiful and cutest couple in the music industries!!!!!!!!!!!