Wednesday, 20 February 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Christina & Baby

MAMA'S BOY photo | Christina Aguilera
"I'm head over heels in love," says Christina Aguilera of her new son, Max Liron Bratman, born on 12th January. "I'm in awe of this little miracle."

LOVE SONG photo | Christina Aguilera
At home in Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman's Mediterranean-style Los Angeles mansion, Max is a "sweet, mellow baby," and not a big crier, says Mum. When he does get fussy, Aguilera sings softly to him.

MAX'S WORLD photo | Christina Aguilera
Aguilera's favorite piece in the nursery is an 11-ft. tall moon from her Back to Basics tour. "It was Jordan's idea," she says, to include it among the Paddington Bear doll and Nintendo figurines.

'LITTLE ANGEL' photo | Christina Aguilera
"The instant I heard his cry, the waterworks started," Aguilera says of the birth via scheduled C-section. When they placed Max in her arms, "I said, 'Hi, Papa, hi, my little angel'."

DADDY DUTY photo | Jordan Bratman
"Jordan is amazing – he's a natural caretaker," says the singer. "He's so chill with the baby. I love the way we work as a team. I'm so happy to be going through this experience with him."

FAMILY PORTRAIT photo | Christina Aguilera, Jordan Bratman
"We keep it mellow," says Bratman, with Aguilera, Max and pooches Scratchy, Stinky and bullmastiff Coco on their Balinese daybed. "We're a pretty stress-free couple, and I think Max can tell."

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Anonymous said...

love christina and her baby Max
both are so beautiful
cant wait for her newl album on summer!!