Sunday, 6 January 2008

Hollywood Hair & Make-Up Trends

Hayden Panettiere, Daily Beauty Flash, skin, Bobbi Brown Beige Shimmer Brick Compact,
Glowing Skin
GET THE LOOK: Ever wished you could extend last night's soft candlelight glow to the next day? Now you can replicate that coveted sexy illumination with a soft dusting of beige (not bronze or pink) shimmer powder along brow and cheekbones.
INSIDER TRICK: Easy does it on forehead, nose and chin - too much light-reflecting product on those areas can look like perspiration. Shimmer can also draw attention to irregular skin texture, so try this look when skin is clear, like Hayden Panettiere's.

Blake Lively, Big Curls, hair, makeup, beauty, Daily Beauty Flash, Conair Ion Shine Instant Heat Rollers,
Big Curls
GET THE LOOK: The secret to sexy spirals (like Blake Lively's) is starting with pin-straight hair. By winding smooth hair around medium hot rollers, you retain the shine and gloss of straightened strands but add volume and shape to hair.
INSIDER TRICK: Want curls to stay bouncy for hours? Leave rollers in for up to 20 minutes to let curls to fully cool and set (more than 20 minutes can start to damage hair).

Rachel Bilson, Daily Beauty Flash, hair, Low Ponytails, beauty, makeup
Low Ponytails
GET THE LOOK: When a hairstylist's your Plus One, it's easy to look flawless. But Rachel Bilson's known for her do-it-yourself glamour, like this poofy low ponytail she created.
INSIDER TRICK: To make this low-maintenance style soft and feminine (rather than sleek), tie the elastic two inches below the nape of your neck.

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