Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Hey guys... sorry, I couldn't blog yesterday but I was at a Ladies' Night. Had lots of fun and stuff but thought I would tell you that there were STRIPPERS!! I do have a video girls and I will upload it to YouTube as soon as I get hold of it. I'll also put it on here so you girlies can have your fun!

Anyways... I've been thinking about changing this blog. Not totally... I mean I would still do fashion, new music and celebs but I was thinking now I'm getting older I should make it more about issues that affect me or the people around or something interesting you guys would like to know about. Don't really wanna talk about my personal life cos anyone I know could be reading but it can be anything else like.... I don't know!! You guys would need to think about that. But email me with suggestions and maybe I can help. Take care.

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