Saturday, 24 November 2007

Usher on Scent, Sexiness And Smell-Offs With Diddy

He already has a number of job titles on his resume including singer, actor and producer — and now Usher can add perfumer to the list. The business mogul sat down with PEOPLE to discuss his lauded new fragrances Usher for Men and Usher for Women at the recent launch of the perfume line in L.A. “I couldn’t be more proud,” says the father-to-be. “This is sort of like my baby before my baby”. And with so much emotion invested in the project, Usher dictated everything from the look of the bottle, which mirrors his iconic spinner ring to formulating a scent that would reflect his multi-faceted personality. “I wanted to create something that would work for the guy in the jeans and t-shirt or leather jacket, or the individual in the suit or tuxedo”, he explains of the men’s scent. And for the ladies, Usher was inspired to create something that would complement their natural confidence and “make their wardrobe classier, sexier, fun”. As for the competition, Usher reveals that “earlier this year Puff wanted to do a smell-off, but we never got the chance. I purchased [Diddy’s scent] Unforgivable. I like it.” But, he was quick to add, “I love mine better”.


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